Hemp Exchange Wins Supply Solution of the Year!

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Hemp Exchange is proud to announce that we have won the 2019 Innovation Awards for Supply Solution of the year! You can click here to see all categories and winners.

We share the podium with a few big names, and as such, we are humbled. If you don’t know anything about these other overall winners, go check them out.

What We Are All About

Not often is your hard work recognized. That’s why when we received the initial notice that we won this award, I didn’t quite know how to respond. There are competitors out there; some of which have been around longer than Hemp Exchange. Why did we win? What do we have going on that made us stand out?

I can’t help but think the reason we won over the competition is because of who we are and not necessarily what we do. Now don’t get me wrong – what we do is important, but who we are defines what we do.

Hemp Exchange exists for three core reasons: to help protect the good players in the market; to simplify hemp transactions; and, to help the entire industry grow. That is who we are, and every feature, product change, or new channel we create all comes from those principals. It’s who we are.

What we do can change from time to time, but who we are is intrinsic to our existence, and as long as we keep focused on those principles, what we do will always be the right thing.

Thank you to those that have supported us already. Without you, the good players of the industry, we couldn’t have come this far!

Join the Supply Solution of the Year!

Our commitment to bring value and safety to the industry has never been stronger. Join today and see how the Hemp Exchange can help you sell, or buy, the hemp and hemp extracts you need.

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