New Feature: Ask a Seller!

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Here at Hemp Exchange, we get a lot of questions about the products and the sellers on our site. We pride ourselves on offering a white-gloved service in which you can call your dedicated account rep anytime and get answers.

However, we know that sometimes you are too busy to be tied up on the phone. We also see a lot of the same questions asked by multiple buyers.

In an ongoing effort to make your day simpler, we are proud to announce our new feature: Ask a Seller!

Every product now has a FAQs section. There, you can see questions that others have asked and the associated responses.

For Buyers

Don’t see the question you have? Click “Ask a Question” and we’ll notify the seller right away.

Once we get a response, we’ll update the FAQ section for that product, so anyone else wondering the same question can get a quick answer.

For Sellers

We are often asked “how can I let potential buyers know about the uniqueness of my product?” Previously, we would just note that information and respond to questions accordingly, but we are taking a more proactive approach with this new feature.

Now, after your product is approved, you have the ability to submit questions and answers proactively. If there is something you want buyers to know, use the FAQ to your advantage.

For example, you can create questions/answers like the following:

Can I Order Samples? Yes! Simply order 1 gram and we will get you a sample right away!

What is the minimum order you will accept? Other than a sample order, we have a minimum order requirement of 5 kilograms.

Including questions and answers on your products will help you stand out of the crowd as well as pass on important information to your buyers.

If you have any questions about this new feature, be sure to reach out to your Account Executive today!

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