Official Press Release for the Launching of Hemp Exchange

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Hemp Exchange ( launches as the first fully-operational marketplace for hemp industry participants, hemp farmers, CBD processors, and CBD manufacturers. The exchange will serve as an official listing and purchasing service in a burgeoning industry.

According to Hemp Exchange executives, over $5 million worth of listings have been verified and uploaded onto the site since they went live on Friday, March 29th.

“We are thrilled to introduce a complete solution to an industry that’s growing rapidly and in desperate need of standardization and trust,” said CEO Chris Fontes. “Every individual I’ve spoken with has been burned at least once, but often multiple times, and have lost thousands of dollars and several hours of labor due to a non-existent supply chain.”

Chris Fontes, CEO

As product manufacturers ramp up to facilitate the demand for CBD, Hemp Exchange creates a supply chain to provide safe, stable, and consistent CBD ingredients. will be updated with news on website development and feature enhancements.

About Hemp Exchange 
Hemp Exchange ( was founded in 2019 to stabilize the hemp industry supply chain and prepare the industry for the anticipated unprecedented growth. By verifying all platform users before listing or purchasing, providing FDIC backed transactions, and managing the logistics of transportation, Hemp Exchange allows easier, verified transactions to occur in a stable setting.

The full press release can also be viewed at

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