Member Spotlight: Growers Hemp

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In this industry, we tend to see the same-old extract time and time again. Sometimes it is due to the ever-growing joker broker problem, but often, it is extractors using the same machines, the same technique, pumping out the same material.

Uniformity can be a good thing, and there is a solid argument for standardization of the commodities in this industry. However, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to improve products and innovate. This industry is just getting started, and the exceptional will rise to the top.

Growers Hemp – An Exceptional Organization

Today, we introduce you to one of these exceptional companies, innovating and creating unique and industry-disrupting product. Growers Hemp from North Carolina is one of the few in the country to utilize sub-critical CO2 extraction, and their crude is so exceptional, that they don’t even like to call it “crude.” Rather, what Growers Hemp creates is a fantastic extract that can be mixed directly into a tincture without distillation. It is affectionally called “Carolina Sweet Crude.”

As supporters of the North Carolina Industrial Hemp Network, Growers Hemp fosters close relationships with local farmers and they employ a strict set of guidelines on what hemp will be selected for their high-quality product.

The Cold (sub-critical) CO2 Difference

Using cold CO2, they provide formulators with an ingredient oil that preserves characteristics and compounds found in live hemp plants, creating an oil that contains a rich, full spectrum profile that doesn’t need winterization. This makes Carolina Sweet Crude the ideal starting point for further refinement and purification.

Tincture Ready to Go

Not only do they produce Carolina Sweet Crude, but they also use their own extract to create a full profile, hard-to-beat tincture. We have facilitated several orders of their tincture-ready oil on the Exchange, and purchasers always return to order more. This is a quick way to create your own brand and dominate the market with a superior product.

A superior product by quality engineers, running an honest, ethical business; we’re honored to have Growers Hemp on the Hemp Exchange.

Interested in Carolina Sweet Crude?

Quality products in, quality products out. Start with the best and check out this Carolina Sweet Crude today

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