New Feature: Credit Card’s Now Accepted!

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Even though hemp became federally legal with the enactment of the 2018 Farm Bill almost a year ago, we are still struggling with a banking industry that makes transactions difficult. 

Specifically, several credit card processors have pulled their merchant services from retail and b2b companies in the CBD and hemp supply chain. This has caused a stall in some of the demand for CBD as well as frustrated those still pushing forward.

With that said, we are very excited to announce that the Hemp Exchange has partnered with Square to give our buyers a simpler option to make wholesale hemp and CBD purchases. Effective immediately, we have updated our platform to support credit card transactions!  This is going to help us expedite the buying and selling process of Hemp products on the Exchange by making transactions faster and smoother. 

After your offer has been accepted, simply call in and speak with your Account Executive to get started!

“Great experience. Its good to know companies like this are being established to help take some of the sketchiness out of purchasing wholesale product online.”

Heal Tree
CBD Dispensary

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