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Inherent to a new industry, most hemp farms and organizations are fairly new endeavors. That is not to say the folks behind the curtain are new to business in general, but let’s face it – a good majority of those out there cultivating, producing extract, or formulating products are running a pretty tight ship right now. 

Not every one has, or wants, an in-house sales or sourcing team. Additionally, we are in an industry where having a traditional sales or sourcing staff isn’t even enough; with the amount of fraud and unprofessionals in the industry, the vetting process is taxing on both sides of the deal. 

Our Promise to You

Here at the Hemp Exchange, we hear you loud and clear. We know the difficulties you face, and we want to help. That’s why we are more than just a marketplace; our dedicated sales and marketing team are focused solely on helping your business succeed. If you have product listed on the Hemp Exchange, we are out there trying to find buyers right now. If you are a buyer looking for legitimate material and/or products, we’ve put hours into vetting the nation’s best product and having everything you need to make a buying decision with the click of a button. 

No More Acronym Dancing

Everyone who is responsible for either selling or buying in this industry has done the acronym dance. You know “the dance”; the POF POL LOI COA dance. Frankly, it’s exhausting. No one likes doing it, but everyone feels obligated to participate because everyone has been burned before.

With the Hemp Exchange, we want to eliminate the dance. Our overall goal is to stabilize the supply chain to facilitate the upcoming growth, and the industry simple cannot sustain growth if buyers and sellers are devoting most of their resources to “the dance.”

Let’s stop “the dance,” and let’s start growing our industry. Together, we are doing something unique and great; the likes of which most generations will never get the opportunity to engage in. It isn’t every day there is a new crop or new industry in the country, and the onus is on us to shape it and decide how to work together.a

“This is so impressive… Not just from my hemp industry leader perspective, but from my complex civil litigation career. Wow! That’s what I have to say about the Hemp Exchange! “

Joy Beckerman
President of the Hemp Industries Association

Stop “the Dance”

Let our sales and marketing teams do the heavy lifting.

Put Us To Work

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